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March 2021.

RE: On How to Use CopingInternational.Com

To the Child, Grandchild of a Priest/Religious, Mother of the Child of a Priest/Religious, Priest who has Fathered a Child.

Welcome to Coping, a unique non-judgemental place of assistance for you. If you are the child of a catholic priest or religious, the grandchild of a priest/religious, the mother of the child of a priest, or religious and you are unsure what to do, arriving at this page is the first step to freeing yourself from the burden that may have imprisoned you, a form of coercive control; imposed silence or Silentium.

Navigating the Catholic Church, toward a destination of justice may be difficult at times, especially when interested parties prefer that you as the child/grandchild or mother remain quiet about the situation to avoid what some deem as embarrasment..

However, what is interesting about the Catholic Church is that the theology, which it is founded upon, organically and eternally supports the rights of all children with no exceptions, this includes the children of priests. “Their’s is a pain that is characterized by non-acknowledgment,” writes Cardinal Blaise Cupich of Chicago, USA.

CopingInternational.Com is set up to do help you navigate the pillars of obstruction, imposed upon these marginalized families; pillars of silence often referred to as “privacy”. However, privacy assumes a choice, and imposed silence upon the marginalized children of priests and religious assumes no such choice.

I as the founder of Coping International, invite you to begin to learn more about the disciplines and nuances that will help you navigate this clerical world so you cannot be deceived and may reach that place of justice, whether you are a child, mother, grandchild or priest.

Click the button at the bottom of each page entitled ‘next page’, printing off and downloading the material on each successive page, so you build up a folder of material that will educate you on how to get past any inhuman and adult-centered arguments aimed at silencing you. Watch for hyperlinks to documents, which appear in blue font.

This website is aimed at enabling you to self-represent to the church at the hughest levels. Begin with your Bishop, if you do not receive satisfactory results, there exists a hierarchical ladder, which you may climb; Bishop; Regional President of Bishops Conference (Provincial in the case of religious); Nuncio; Congregation for Clergy (if the priest is diocesan), Congregation for Consecrated life (in the case of male or female religious.) Keep all written materials, email is always a good way of communicating.

If you are a priest/religious and seek specific information, please click here.

Use the carefully collated material contained on this unique website to counter arguments aimed at silencing or negating your rights; peacefully and academically fight clericalism with catholicism, regardless of your faith background and let nothing stop you, ever. Knowledge is power; let nothing stop you, though … always in peace.

God bless you now & always,

Vincent Doyle.

CopingInternational.Com Founder.


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