Main Object:

Coping International facilitates free psychological and pastoral support for children of priests and religious, children of the ordained and religious. Coping advocates for the rights of children of priests with the institutional Catholic Church.

The idea is simple enough.

It is estimated that there is approximately ten thousand children of priests globally and growing; children of priests and religious continue to be born today.  Coping acts as a self help mental health initiative and information portal to inform the man, woman and/or child involved, who wish to make known their concerns to the order/diocese.  By reading the information on this website, step by step, you will be in a far better position to approach the bishop concerned or provincial.

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Your first step is this:  telephone the Bishops/Proviancial’s office.  You must ask for the private episcopal secretary, not the administrative secretary.  When you meet the Bishop/Provincial, make your needs known to the diocese and ensure you have printed ample information from Coping’s website to assist you understand the intricacies involved in this issue.

Should you feel that you are not respected or treated properly, then the principle of subsidiarity states that you move up the hierarchical ladder.  The next step is the president of the episcopal conference, then the Nuncio and finally the Vatcian.  A written trail is quite important.   It is imperative that you realise that nobody controls your destiny or journey other than you.

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