Key Terms:*

  • Silentium, the process of silencing the child of an ordained person or religious, concerning the child’s identity as the child of an ordained person/religious, whilst forsaking the child’s intrinsic right to freedom and choice.
  • The Moral Argument, the unceasing and unyielding claim that a priest or religious must leave priesthood, ministry, in every case, if he (or she in the case of a female religious) becomes a parent. The Moral Argument is a form of coercive control.
  • Parēns, refers to the situation where a Latin Rite priest who becomes a parent and latterly recommits to his priestly obligations in full (including chastity & commitment to celibacy), whilst simultaneously, openly acknowledge his biological child, as he continues to work as a celibate, chaste Roman Catholic Latin rite priest. The Holy See in January 2020 admitted, such a position is “not impossible.” (Clergy., 2020)
*Terms are taken from the book ‘Our Fathers, A Phenomenon of Children of Catholic Priests and Religious’ by Vincent Doyle. (2020.)