Please ensure you have read sections 1 to 5 before accessing this section.
Please click here if you have not read the various sections. The point of Coping is to inform and educate so one may self represent in confidence.

This section, having read all sections contained on the site will guide you through various steps in making representations with confidence to the concerned Diocese / Order to make concerns and personal needs made known.

If you are a Catholic Priest / Religious and you have Fathered a Child, Click Here for More Information on Gaining Assistance.

Self Help.

1 – Download the Supporting Documentation PDF This documentation package contains a letter from Coping to the Bishop / Provincial concerned, a letter from the United Nations Children’s Rights Commission, an open letter from the Archbishop of Dublin and Guidelines / Operating Principles regarding Priests who father children whilst in Ministry.

2 – Download the template letter for Mother and / or Children respectively, available and redact accordingly. Accompany this template letter, redacted to your own situation with the supporting documentation.

3 – Inform yourself on this matter. Print off information from the various sections to support your case.

1) Mental Health.
2) Holy See.
3) Guidelines.
4) Official Statements from Catholic Episcopal Conferences.
5) Assisting the Priest assist his family.
6) Finding your DNA heritage.

1) It is the expectation that the Bishop / Provincial concerned will approach this presenting issue under the remit of new guidelines issued for this specific situation. Click here for guidelines.

2) That you will be heard, not silenced or made believe that you are one of very few. Coping has been picked up in more than 170 countries before we went public.

Click here for an interactive map of countries accessing this website prior to media release.

3) That you will be listened to: that your understanding of the mental health issues, statements by the Holy See, awareness of new emerging safeguarding guidelines on the matter, will all be respected, reciprocated, and above all receive acknowledgement leading to a positive response from the Church toward you.

What if I have received a bad response from the Church at this level?

Given that the Vatican have been requested by the United Nations to respond positively to any situations pertaining to children of priests, any negative reports that you encounter should be reported to the Nuncio in your own respective country. Make your concerns known to your local Nuncio (Papal representative.) For a complete list of nunciatures worldwide, click here. He, in turn, will make your complaint known to the Congregation for Clergy, responsible for clergy and formation and the Disciplinary Section of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.

You may raise your concerns in writing to the CDF by writing to the following address:

Archbishop Luis F. Ladaria, SJ
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Palazzo del Sant’Uffizio
00120 Città del Vaticano

To complain about human rights violations to the United Nations, click here for further information.

Whilst individuals are encouraged to self-represent, Coping is happy to meet with and discuss cases with individuals without any obligation, in complete confidence. Coping may contact the Diocese / Order on your behalf if warranted owing to circumstances which may vary.