My child’s biological father is a Roman Catholic priest in the Philippines.

When he passed away, I immediately told a priest that his a priest has a child with me. The priest’s immediate reply was “NO ONE MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS”. In my mind, this won’t be published in the newspaper or aired on television. The priest asked me who else knew about the child and I told him that I also sent a message to another family member. He wasn’t pleased by what I did and said “I WILL TAKE CARE OF THAT”. What? Why is he hiding a child from her extended family? He doesn’t wish any harm done to the priest of the church’s reputation. The Church do not want my child to be known to public. I understand that, or is it only an excuse to neglect and exclude the child? Could reputation be more superior than justice? Clearly, there is something wrong with this!

I was shocked to hear my confessor saying “LEAVE THE LATE PRIEST’S BELONGINGS personal, assets of worth and of none, monetary and sentimental) TO HIS FAMILY”. What? His family is my child! My confessor mentioned that the late priest made a huge mistake about having a child. So is this their way of punishing my child – innocent, helpless. So now are abused sacramentally aswell. How cruel! He mentioned that a priest doesn’t have a right to have a child. What of my child’s rights? Is he telling me that my child doesn’t have the right to claim? The Church seems to be telling me to deal with it and move on. My conscience is bothering me. I wonder if their consciences aren’t bothering them. I sought the help of Coping International because I couldn’t find any meaningful support and assistance from Church hierarchy.

I pray for a new future for both me and my child.