1987: Nathan was welcomed into the Catholic Church through his baptism by his father, Father Henry Willenborg OFM. Nathan waited his entire life to know this man he suffered alone often asking me why his father choose wine over blood, referring to his father’s choice of remaining in the priesthood and giving up his own son. Nathan never knew how to express his feelings until it was too late. He came to me after his diagnosis of brain tumours at age nineteen. Nathan told me, “Mom I always had a death wish that I would not live to see twenty, now I know I won’t. I never knew his pain because he hid it with his smile, his warmth and his love for me his mother, but I let him down by not looking past his beautiful blue eyes and look into his soul.

Nathan’s dying wish was to help others like him and through the wondrous works of Coping International my son will see his wish come true. Others like him: (children born to Catholic Priest) will find the professional guidance should they need through counselling, with the support and not the denial of our Holy Catholic church. Nathan will live past twenty; he will live forever in our hearts and in our prayer’s.

2009: Nathan was welcomed into heaven by our Holy Father, this time with an open heart and open arms and a majestic voice saying, “Welcome home my son.”

Patricia Bond