Go Fund Me Campaign – Help COPING Get to Rome!

Help COPING Get To Rome.

At the heart of Coping’s mission is permanent change. The history of Coping’s origins is rooted in seeking and insisting on change, that change happens in Rome, and more needs to be done.

The next step for COPING is to have a base in Rome, a permanent base, where children of priests and religious and their forgotten families may come, using COPING as a base and with COPING’s help, seek apology from the Vatican, foster change in their own lives, where they were unable to access positive changes locally.

We want to buy a property in Rome, so children of priests and religious will have a permenent base in Rome, at the seat of power, where so much misused power was used to maipulate countless children. This property will be for the countless abused children, whose parents can come, stay for free and with COPING’s assistance, seek recompense, one to one, with the Vatican.

Our vision is for children of priests to be empowered and literally walk into the Vatican and demand apology, and we are so close to achieving that goal!

This home for the abused will be used to empower the abused, marinalised and forgotten people, the shadowed people; please, help us realise that dream by clicking the link to our Go Fund Me campaign and help us make perment change for the better, for every marignalised child who was so cruelly mistreated in the name of God’s church.

Thank You.

Link to the Go Fund Me Campaign; https://gofund.me/b5a20506