Your DNA.

Coping International Ltd. works alongside two independent companies called Ori-Gen Genetics   and ‘My DNA & Genealogy‘ or ‘MDG’ based in Southern Australia.

  1. Having completed home DNA Testing with ‘MDG’ will analyse the DNA matches and try and locate your paternal line.   They will ascertain from your matches who is most closely related to your paternal line.
  2. The closest match to your paternal line -upon agreement by all parties concerned- will submit their DNA to Ori-Gen who work alongside Kings College in London, who will work with you to legally confirm paternity, even posthumously.

Note:  Origin Genetics is pleased to support Coping International in its work and welcome all to connect with us for information and guidance relating to DNA testing. Please email us at in the strictest confidence if you have any queries that you would like us to help you with.”

Please Note:  MDG & Ori-Gen are third party companies that Coping suggests.  Neither Coping, MDG or Ori-Gen guarantee outcome.  MDG & Ori-Gen are third party companies that may incur a fee, independent of Coping International which is an entirely free service.

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