Your DNA.

Ori-Gen & MDG Genealogy:  A Unique Combination.

MDG and Ori-Gen and two independent companies based in Australia & Ireland respectively.  MDG Genealogy examines results from home test kits from companies such as and finds most recent common ancestors, building trees with a view to finding a living relative of your biological father.  Ori-Gen, then collects samples of DNA from you and your living ancestor on the paternal line to confirm relatedness indicating parentage and helping you identify the identity of your biological father. This process Coping refers to as the ‘CORE’ Process:  ‘Children Of Religious Embrace’ their heritage.

Lets Meet the Two Independent Companies.

At Origin Genetics we are committed to providing our clients with a safe and confidential environment to discuss and explore all aspects of their DNA testing requirements. Years of experience and diverse knowledge allow us to offer an extensive range of DNA testing options worldwide. We understand the unique and sensitive nature of each individual’s case and it is our goal to carefully assist our clients reach a peaceful resolution to their circumstances. 

At MDG Genealogical Services, we work tirelessly and intricately to put together your ancestral past by analysing the results of home DNA testing.  We strive for perfection, conscious this is your personal history, so everything is done with respect, sensitivity and confidentiality.

How Does the ‘CORE’ Process Work Exactly?

  1. MDG is a genealogy company based out of South Australia.  MDG was founded by a genealogist who is the daughter of a Catholic Priest.  MDG will analyse your DNA which may be completed at examining the most common recent ancestor.  They will trace living relatives of the most common living ancestor alive today, your relatives.
  2. Ori-Gen DNA testing then will then compare the collected DNA from you requesting a DNA sample from your living relative confirming the link with a view to confirming your paternal line, i.e., confirming the identity of your father.

Please Note:

Engaging with third parties outside of Coping International may incur a fee for services rendered.  This is beyond the capacity of Coping International.  If you wish to engage with the ‘CORE Process’ please send a detailed email to & including both on the email. citing ‘CORE Process’ in your subject line.  Stage one will be with MDG.Com and stage two will be with Ori-Gen.

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