Coping International Testimony

/Coping International Testimony

Philomena Aruna


My child’s biological father is a Roman Catholic priest in the Philippines.

When he passed away, I immediately told a priest that his a priest has a child with me. The priest’s immediate reply was “NO ONE MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS”. In my mind, this won’t be published in the newspaper or […]

David Weber – Germany/ Australia

The forced marriage of in particular catholic priests in senior positions, who have become fathers, to women other than the mother of the child, is a at first seemingly bizarre, but within the malicious and distorted logic of the church quite conclusive method, to keep the priest’s real family separated from him, to deny the […]

Anne Marie Wearing – Scotland

I was 25 years old before I met my dad and didn’t realise at the time he was my dad. I was adopted from Armagh, Ireland. I always wondered about my first family. I knew where I came from, but nothing about them. After having my second child I approached the adoption agency I came […]

Simon Bello – Uganda

I am the son of a priest, a Catholic Missionary who worked in Africa his entire life. I was the product of a rape by this man. The parish priest at the time concealed the identity of my natural father and without concern for either mother or child, left the child minus dignity, asking very […]

Jack Finnegan – Ireland

Since I was a young lad I can never remember having a strong sense of who I was. This continued right up to adulthood and I somehow ingested that it was not okay to be myself, as I was born into this world. So I grew into adulthood like this, and used alcohol as a […]

Paula West – US

I am the proud daughter of a Roman Catholic priest, now deceased. His name isn’t important to this story as his family members don’t know about me. But it is important to know that he was a family man committed to a vocation that didn’t allow him to publicly express this beautiful part of his […]

Sarah Sheridan – UK

My mother and father met in London in the 1970’s, he was in a seminary training to be a priest and she was studying for a theology degree. They were together for two years but when he found out my mother was pregnant with me my father left her, having previously said he probably wasn’t […]

Rosarie Mulligan – Ireland

To be in a relationship with a priest is hard. You get tired of being a secret and then when you have a child with him… it gets even harder and you don’t know what to do. You have to hide the child and you become busier hiding the child than hiding yourself, it is a […]

Lloyd Johnson – Ireland

Hi, my name is Lloyd. I was born in the mid-eighties and grew up with a particular syndrome that was both untraceable and undefinable, yet it had very particular characteristics. It made me suffer endlessly. Psychological trauma is a terrible thing to endure as it bears no physical mark and thus people do not believe […]

Patricia Bond – America

1987: Nathan was welcomed into the Catholic Church through his baptism by his father, Father Henry Willenborg OFM. Nathan waited his entire life to know this man he suffered alone often asking me why his father choose wine over blood, referring to his father’s choice of remaining in the priesthood and giving up his own […]