Main Object: Coping is a community organisation established to provide mental health resources, research and direct pastoral and psychotherapeutic support worldwide to children of Roman Catholic Priests (and their parents). Support and assistance sought within the country of residence of the presenting client by Coping International. Coping represents clients, having come to know and identify client needs, to church authorities concerned at client request who is involved in the process throughout.

Subsidiary Objects to the Main Object:
‘DISE’. Coping International Support Structure.

Design: Coping creates suitable guidelines and draft policies with regard to care for children of priests for religious institutions worldwide. Said guidelines emanate from our collective experience as children of priests, considering relative psychologies, theologies as well as other related disciplines. Coping formulates new areas of support for children of priests and religious, by challenging academically, existent theological principles as well as psychological. We outline how existent local diocesan safeguarding programmes already cater for children of priests. Through existence of solid guidelines alongside challenging misinterpretation of existent theology, the client is supported academically and structurally.

Inform: Coping provides said guidelines and safeguarding principles online on Coping’s site freely so people may inform themselves to make representation to church, assisted or sole representation. In informing oneself psychologically as well as in terms of church response, one is further enabled to understand their own situation and experience. In coming to know church response that Coping elicits on an ongoing basis, this awareness will eradicate stifling mechanisms in communication with the diocese /order, disallowing it’s continuance, expecting a better response from the church in line with common goodness.

Support: Coping staff walk with the client who comes to us, guiding them through relative information collated. We listen, understand, suggest a path forward that is comfortable for the client which works at their pace. From first meeting to the time the priest’s child reaches a suitable conclusion with the church, Coping staff supports the client and speaks with them journeying openly and honestly.

Engage: Coping engages at the clients behest with relevant diocese or religious order when and if they feel ready. We advise of the existence of the child and their needs. Coping outlines the suffering experienced by the child psychologically reflecting on applicable theologies. Coping advises the diocese / order of the expectations of the client and Coping. Consequently with draft policies are in place, client informed and educated to specifics of this phenomenon, with the client supported fully, final engagement with diocese / order to have concerns heard and needs finally met is better facilitated and enabled.

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